Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

After a 3 year period and 2 rounds of IVF at a well known London clinic, my partner and I felt disheartened and disappointed with the treatment we had received. We knew that the next round would be abroad.
We decided to go to the IVF show at London’s Olympia and we shortlisted a few clinics we were interested in.
Newlife were the second we went to that day, but the minute we met Dr Dovas we didn’t need to see any more. It was an instant feeling of care and he was very informative and attentive despite the hustle and bustle of the day.

From there we had a Skype conversation with Dr Dovas and Chrysa where they answered every question including some we hadn’t even thought of. We had the sense that they wanted us to conceive as much as we wanted it for ourselves. We knew that whatever happened we had finally found the right clinic.

Our cycle went smoothly from the medications to transfer day. It really was a pleasure to be part of Newlife. We really couldn’t have asked for a better team to take care of us and to top it off we also had a lovely 10 day break!

Chrysa is exceptionally good at keeping in contact and answering emails and any problems you have she will get back to you straight away. She took all the stress away from the fact that they are in Greece and we are in London. We felt better treated and more of a priority than the clinic we had visited previously in London.

Needless to say my partner and I are now expecting our first child together and its all thanks to Newlife and their amazing team.

I would say to anyone considering IVF abroad, go to Newlife there really is no better choice.

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