Single Woman, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

The decision to go abroad for fertility treatment was not an easy one for me, especially as I am a single woman effectively doing this on my own. I researched several different countries and countless clinics in each and eventually all roads seemed to lead to NewLife for me. There was something about the website, the reviews that I read that really struck a chord. The promise of a more personal, individual approach appealed to me along with excellent results so I decided to take the plunge. My initial skype consultation was comprehensive. Chrysa and Dr Dovas had clearly read all of my notes, considered my requirements and were very clear about how we would proceed with treatment. We talked for nearly an hour, the longest consultation I have had since I began having fertility treatment. I felt reassured and confident.

It was nearly six weeks later that I visited the clinic and it didn't disappoint. It was every bit as friendly and impressive as I had hoped. What I liked most was their highly professional yet down to earth and sensible approach. Everything was explained clearly and with a lightness of touch which was very refreshing. I wasn't issued with an enormous list of things I shouldn't do after embryo transfer, just a sensible one that didn't leave me feeling worried and paranoid. As Chrysa quite rightly said, pregnancy is not an illness. Just get on with things and enjoy the city! And that's another reason to use this clinic. Thessaloniki is a beautiful, interesting, friendly and laid back city which I would probably never have visited if it wasn't for this. I absolutely loved it. It's less hectic than Athens. The clinic is very easy to get to from the city centre.

I don't yet know if the treatment has worked but the whole experience so far has been easy and positive and I feel confident in my decision to travel abroad and work with Newlife moving forward.

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