Couple, USA
- An IVF Journey

Words could never express how much Newlife changed our lives. After two failed IVF attempts in the US, we were beginning to feel hopeless. We took over a year off from fertility treatments to reevaluate our situation and discuss a plan of action. Being of Greek decent, we were constantly seeing advertisements for fertility clinics in Greece on Greek channels and in the newspaper. We decided to do some research and reached out to Newlife in Thessaloniki. It was the best decision we ever made!

Chrysa and Dr. Dovas offered us a free Skype consultation after sending them our previous medical history. They were very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions, and discussed possible treatments. After speaking with them, we knew we would be in good hands and were ready to begin our summer adventure in Greece.

From the moment we stepped into the clinic, we felt very relaxed and comfortable. The staff was very friendly and we were greeted by Chrysa. We met with Dr. Dovas and he thoroughly discussed the complete procedure. The entire IVF process in Greece was not stressful at all. They closely monitored the medications I was taking and would adjust accordingly. We actually used half of the amount of medications our old clinic prescribed and saw much better results. The facilities were modern and state of the art. Throughout the entire process, Chrysa would reach out to us via email or text message and ask for daily updates, as well as answer any questions or concerns we may have had. The clinic caters their treatment to each individual patient and it is not a one size fits all protocol like we had in the US. It is also very clear to see that they truly care about their patients and they are more than just a dollar sign.

I loved that they welcomed my husband into the operating room on the day of embryo transfer because we had never experienced that before. It made the experience even more meaningful. We are excited to say that after our first round of IVF with Newlife, we are expecting our first miracle baby this spring! We want to thank Dr. Dovas, Chrysa and the entire staff from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our dreams come true!

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