The personal experience of a Couple from Canada

At 32 weeks pregnant, it is hard to put into words how blessed I feel that a random comment and a web search led to us connecting with the Newlife clinic and their supportive and professional team. We had tried IVF in Canada and were looking at one last try. When the idea of going abroad came up we thought why not was a change of scenery, a fresh slate and an opportunity for the two of us to relax, bond and tune out the stresses of everyday life. We spent two weeks in Greece, by the ocean, about an hour outside of Thessaloniki. We rented a car and the drive to the clinic on the days we needed to be there was enjoyable. During my research I was immediately drawn to Newlife clinic because they are clear that they follow the laws and are ISO certified. We only dealt with Chrysa and Dr Dovas, which allowed a trust and comfort level to be established prior to arriving. Upon arrival we were very impressed with the state and atmosphere of the clinic. We were treated with respect and kindness and felt as though we had a whole professional team behind us. And every question we had leading up to our arrival was answered, from hotels to money exchange to places to eat! I had many sleepless nights during my IVF years and it was nice to have middle of the night exchanges with Chrysa who would be in her work day. I would recommend without hesitation heading to Newlife in Greece for IVF.

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