The personal experience of a Couple from Bulgaria

Eleven months ago and following three prior unsuccessful attempts, it is with very little expectations that we decided to meet the New Life Team.
Their immediate availability and straight forward introduction made us feel comfortable enough to try one last time our dream to become true. Our first meeting directly with Dr Dovas was without detour or sale speech.
What convinced us was not only that New Life was using more advanced technology to put as much chance on our side but also that they were clear and sounded very decisive in making things happen.
Afterward we also realized that contrary to others, New Life Team, was actually always available to answer our questions and concerns, providing us as promised with feedback in due time. The procedure itself takes place on the spot in their very clean premises and is clearly the collective effort of a very motivated and reliable Team as we could state it at every stage.
In the light of prior regrettable experiences, we can only recommend the excellent quality of New Life’s services and believe that their Team is for a big part in our present happiness.

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