Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

Don't think twice!

New Life was recommended to us by friends who successfully became parents after the first round of treatment and were full of positive comments about their entire experience with the clinic. After our own web research we too decided to put our trust and hope for creating a new life into New Life's hands. The initial consultation through Skype and professionalism of the staff only reassured us that we made a good decision.
Two months later we found ourselves on a plane travelling to Thessaloniki, full of hopes that on the way back it would be the two of us plus one. Our chances, as explained to us were not very high (due to age and low egg production) but we knew we were in right hands and the care we received through the entire journey made us feel content and hopeful.
The clinic itself is very clean and modern; the staff speaks perfect English and is all very warm and professional. They made us feel very comfortable - like part of their big family.

But the one thing that stood up for us was the drive to make every case a success. And it wasn't just for the statistics. We learned how Chrysa, the embryologist can spend sleepless nights and sacrifice her weekends studying every detail of patient's treatment to ensure no mistakes are being made at any point. And because our journey started from a Skype conversation with her and she was at the clinic every time we were there, she also didn't want to miss our final visit at the clinic for the implantation, even though it was meant to be her day off. This is the sort of care we didn't even dream of.

The town itself is charming with great places to see and of course an amazing food. We stayed in the centre of town and found plenty of things to do to keep us occupied and not to think about anything negative.

We don't have experience with any other fertility clinics but would definitely not think twice again should we found ourselves in a similar situation.

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