The personal experience of a Couple from United Kingdom

We chose Newlife after we felt we were being treated as second class in the UK, and we spent a lot of time researching clinics abroad. The statistics looked excellent and we felt that there was something they could offer over and above the standard of care we would receive should we continue to pursue locally. With our minds made up we contacted the Newlife clinic, and an online consultation was arranged via Skype. During the consultation Doctor Dovas and Chrysa, the medical experts at Newlife, explained the options available to us, and what we could expect. The statistics for success were considerably higher than those here in the UK. We then received through email a full comprehensive break down of procedures and costs, along with recommendations for places to stay near to the clinic and options for transfers etc. By this time we were over the moon with the response we had from Newlife and the way we had been treated as potential patients, so we decided to book for our first procedure and travelled out to Thessaloniki in October 2016. We decided to stay just a short bus journey from the clinic, which was very easy to get to via the main bus routes in to the city centre.

Our fist appointment was the day following our arrival and we were pleasantly surprised by the immediate care and assistance from the staff that greeted us. We were given a full consultation where all the procedures we would be going through were fully explained along with success rates, timelines etc. Through each procedure, the care, the expertise and the whole experience at Newlife was second to none, and both Doctor Dovas and Chrysa ensured that we received the best possible chance of success, we have never come across a more professional, caring and wonderful personal service. This was our very first attempt at IVF, Nigel had a vasectomy nineteen years previous to our trip, yet the clinic managed to retrieve a good quality sperm from him during the procedure, I had just one egg that made it through the blastasyst stage. Seven months later we were estatic to learn that all our treatment and trips out to Greece had paid off, and we are now expecting our very own little girl, this alone is testament to the excellent reputation and success rates that first attracted us to Newlife, and a decision that would make all our dreams a reality. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all at Newlife for making our Journey with you such a special one, and we will see you all in a couple of years time when we visit with our little one.

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