Lisa Mclauchlan and Gavin Kostalas, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

After two years of naturally trying for a baby I realized that time was not on my side. I was 42 by this stage. I went to a fertility clinic in England to be told that my chance of getting naturally pregnant were 5 %. I was angry and devastated but I would not give up hope of being a parent, so we tried with a donor in UK. She was 36 years old, but unfortunately, we only got 2 healthy eggs which did not fertilize. Again, I was devastated and about to give up hope, as we had already spent £5000 on the treatment and I had been quite ill going through the medications, too. We therefore decided to let it go for a few weeks. I was recommended by a friend to consider my options in Greece, since she had become pregnant at 51 there. So, I thought why not give it one more chance. We almost immediately decided to begin research and found good feedback about Newlife IVF Greece. After about 3 months of treatment, we flew out to Greece from the UK twice, I lost weight and got 8 healthy eggs. I just knew this was my time to get lucky. While I was awaiting the pregnancy test result, there were little signs telling me I was going to be a parent.
Their services are excellent, and they fully support you by talking you through everything. They are so polite and intelligent. I now am 7 weeks pregnant expecting not only one but two babies. My dream has come true. I cannot thank them enough, as I thought that my dream of becoming a mother, at the age of 46, was over and we could not afford to do it again and again.

So much praise for Chrysa, Dr Dovas, Anta and all the other staff. I remember the lovely lady that held my hand when I had the eggs implanted to ease my worries. These people are miracle workers. I intend to take the babies over when they are maybe 4 or 5, so they can see these little miracles they made. From the bottom of my heart I can’t thank them enough.

I would highly recommended Newlife IVF Greece to everyone.

Lisa Mclauchlan and Gavin Kostalas

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