Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

My husband and I decided to research IVF after 2 years of trying to conceive following a miscarriage. Over this time, we tried naturally, we tried with hormone stimulating drugs, and we tried IUI, but with each month we continued to be disappointed.

We knew that we would have to engage a private provider for IVF and also travel, so it was important for us to have a set of criteria to benchmark different providers. We wrote up a list of questions to ask, and we also rated these from most to least important, including things such as success rate, destination, ISO standards adhered to, etc.

NewLife impressed us from the beginning - not only did they provide comprehensive responses, and details on cost and process, but they also offered us a Skype call with the Doctor who would be in charge of our case, and Chrysa, who would look after us for everything else. We got such a good vibe from this first meeting - they were very professional and gave us more information about our particular case and chances than other specialists we had seen up to this point. They were also very relaxed and friendly, and we felt like they genuinely cared about helping us.

Getting ready for IVF can be a little daunting, but I felt supported throughout by Chrysa and the rest of the Newlife Team. I could email them with any question, even if a bit silly or just me worrying and they always responded straightaway.

During our time in Thessaloniki, I had to spend some time by myself, but I knew that the team at Newlife were there for me if I needed anything. Needless to say, the destination was one of our considerations in choosing Newlife and my husband and I had such an amazing time in Thessaloniki. We even spent a couple of days in between treatment at a nearby island. I think the relaxing atmosphere of the city, and the great food can only help with an IVF treatment!

We were lucky to fall pregnant with our first treatment and we feel deeply grateful to the team at Newlife for making it all possible, but also for making it all so easy and stress-free. We also really appreciated the post-treatment support, especially as there's a period of time when it's too early to speak to midwives and Dr's, but you also know that you have an IVF pregnancy (because you're waiting for the results and of course, find out much sooner!)

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