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I had lost all hope. A diagnosis of Severe Diminished Ovarian Reserve at just 35 years old, meant as a single Mum of one the likelihood of being able to bless my daughter with the gift of a sibling was all but gone. Finances exhausted after rounds of unsuccessful IVF’s I decided to just give it all one last chance. I would need both an egg and sperm donor.

In New Zealand the process of …

New Zealand

by Couple


I always wanted to be a Mum and could not imagine my life without children. Even though I had held many relationships I did not find "The One" so at 38 still single I put myself on a donor list in Auckland New Zealand (this was a two year wait list) at that stage I was determined to use my own eggs.

However due to long term serve endometriosis and my age by the time I got to the top of …

New Zealand

by M.S.

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